Saturday, November 05, 2011

gourmet rich!

duncan hines chocolate chip cookiesAlthough I didn't buy this cookie mix on Amazon, I needed to write a review and tell the world of cyberspace how outstanding the cookies are! The recipe couldn't be easier, and uses the common ploy of having the baker add eggs and butter that could have been included in the mix so they'll feel they're actually doing something. I tried to underbake them just slightly and they came out moist, rich, and flavorful, tasting and feeling like a high-end boutique bakery product. I stored them in a closed container and they still were moist 24 hours later, which is a real plus. Duncan Hines long has made good products that aren't unrealistically expensive; this is one to keep on your shelves in case of sudden guests or an unexpected potluck or other invitation.

my amazon review: gourmet rich!

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