Thursday, November 10, 2011

good earth mediterranean chicken

old world style meets 21st century convenience

Recently I prepared and enjoyed "Mediterranean Chicken with angel hair pasta," a new to me product from Restaurant Favorites, a company that's recently come onto the scene.

restaurant favorites mediterranean chickenThis good earth meal starter is such a good deal and tasted so good, I'm going to stock up on a few more to keep on hand. Since you need to provide your own fresh chicken, some milk (I used sour cream, yum), olive or whatever your oil of the moment may be and a cup of water, it's not quite complete off the shelf, but with those additions the kit provides plenty sufficient to feed two people generously. I've given it only 4 instead of 5 stars because it is a bit too salty, but otherwise nicely seasoned with possibly a tad too pronounced on the oregano end—or maybe not, depending on your own preference. I also detected a citrus overtone that blended in nicely with the other ingredients.

Not only was the sale price an incentive, this is the kind of meal starter you could vary by making it with pork chops, adding in other sautéed veggies or, as I did, using chicken thighs with the skin still on. "Chef-inspired tips" in a box on the instructions side of the box suggests similar changes or additions. I realize the manufacturer suggests boneless skinless chicken breasts for their purportedly greater healthiness and already-almost prepared convenience, but to me they're also too bland. Whole grain pasta is a nice touch, since it hasn't been bleached into nutritional near-oblivion and offers a classic nut-like flavor and slightly chewy texture that accompanies the other ingredients nicely. What else is a plus? The package doesn't advertise the word "healthy" anywhere that I could see it, but does promote its "not artificial flavors / no preservatives." Try it, I hope you'll like it and return for more.

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