Thursday, July 22, 2010

essay contest winner...

...from 2001: First Place prize of $50 plus publication in I Love Cats magazine. I figured retyping it here would be a good idea.

"Pumpkin Marigold! Wake up! This is your day ... it's Halloween!" As the little orange cat untucked her head, blinked, stood up and stretched, the sun peeked through the window, shining on her beautiful fur. Pumpkin Marigold jumped off the bed and scurried out to the kitchen for breakfast. "Halloween?" she thought. "I always thought Halloween was for black cats." Her person read PM's thoughts.

"Sometimes Halloween is for black cats. But your name is Pumpkin, your color is orange, and Halloween fun is about orange pumpkins!"

Then her person showed something to PM. It was the costume she'd be wearing to the neighborhood pet party. As PM looked at the outfit, she started to purr. Louder and louder. Putting both paws onto her person's legs and contentedly running her head, the cute Halloween cat skipped into the black cat costume And later that day, Pumpkin Marigold faced all the cameras with pride as everyone took her picture. She's won the "Best Costume" award at the pet party.

"This really is my day ... it's Halloween," mewed the pumpkin-colored cat to her whole world.

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