Friday, December 21, 2007

white dove

snowy tree findedgeevery time i've looked this afternoon and evening, a lovely, chubby white dove has been sitting perched on the fence outside jane's door. sunday will be advent 4, and i tried to find the lyrics to johannnes brahm's annunciation (25 march) song, "a snow white dove from heaven descended to earth" but my best success was with a dead link that taublein weiss yielded. however, i wanted an excuse to post this frosty-white looking christmas tree plus i found a great poem set to music by william grant still (1895-1978):


Weeping angel with pinions trailing
and head bowed low in your hands.
Mourning angel with heartstrings wailing
for one who in death's hall stands,
mourning angel silence your wailing
and raise your head from your hands,
weeping angel with pinions trailing,
the white dove, promise, stands!

LeRoy V. Brant

...the spirit of resurrection...

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